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How We Got Started

Research and development began 1991 in a tiny laboratory in the Northeast of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. For 2 years experimentation went on until a product line was developed that could produce high-quality and permanent automotive paint repairs. Not content to stop there, however, progress continues unabated in the research and development department. To keep pace with environmental, chemical and technological advances in the industry, the formulations of our paint repair products have been modified and improved over two dozen times since the product line was first introduced.

What Makes Us Different

Most other companies involved in the auto paint micro-repair industry are using paints that were not designed for this purpose. Standard automotive paints require mechanical adhesion (sanding) to stick properly to the vehicle. Our product line is developed from the ground up for micro-patch repair of automotive finishes, and depends on chemical rather than mechanical adhesion. This way, only an area slightly larger than the damaged area needs to be refinished to complete a quality, permanent repair. We guarantee it!

In addition, our chemists have developed a paint repair system that is totally isocyanate free - the only one on the planet. Our products are also very low in VOCís (volatile organic compounds) and are totally lead-free as well. The product line is not only good for your car, but also easy on the environment.